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The musings on this blog are written to inform both the author, and hopefully, other riders that know they will never race, or at least never actually WIN a race, but enjoy riding a bicycle in difficult circumstances. For a large rider, >200 lbs, >6’2″, there are strategies to adopt that will assist in accomplishing goals that will be very self-satisfying. As stated in the ABOUT page, cycling is a outcome of a ratio of power to weight, that theme will be throughout all my postings, as it is where my mind goes about mile 40-80, miles 80 to the finish of the century, my mind goes places I do not wish to reflect upon,…and will NEVER publish. 

This blog is born of an admiration of the writings of Aaron W. on a must read destination, It was over a year ago I mentioned to him my desire to write about the challenges of larger riders. He was enthusiastic in his support of that concept, and I eagerly signed up with WordPress  started writing, read my own writing and got shy. My friends from the past may not accept my claim of shyness,  based on the main claim I have from playing rugby for the Charlotte Rugby Club, East Carolina Rugby Club, Nashville Rugby Club, and the University of Miami Rugby Club, that while I did not win every game I ever played, I NEVER lost a party. Shyness is a gene not in my chromosomal makeup. But whatever the excuse, the publishing will begin, and hopefully the reading will follow. All the musings from 2012 were deleted and we start fresh with the 2013 season.

Ride on Big Man.

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