The Long Ride Begins

The theme and direction of this not-at-all used blog I created 6 years ago will now change. From enjoying “cookie rides” (charity cycling events where you ride 20 miles, get a cookie, ride another 20, another cookie, etc., etc., etc.), to long self-guided “get lost in the countryside” solo bicycle rides, to fully loaded cycling tours, the blog will change to what will be my longest (I hope!) ride of all.

Recently, concerns over swelling in my right leg brought Peggy & I to the Emergency Room at Inova Fairfax Hospital. After ultrasound examination I was admitted with clear indications of Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVTs. Further imaging revealed 2 distinct masses (massi?) in my lower abdomen. One of them, with ‘calcified edges’ is pressing on my femoral vein, giving rise to a rich clotting environment. Lots of imaging procedures later, and after a biopsy of the nastiest looking one, the preliminary diagnosis was “Poorly Differentiated Pleomorphic Sarcomatoid Neoplasm”…that’s Latin for “DudeYou’reScrewed”. The pathologist felt the need to forward the tissue samples to NIH (National Institute of Health) for further study and confirmation. Of course I asked if a new cancer was discovered, did I get to name it? They politely chuckled at my insolence.

Yesterday that confirmation came back and with the help of the oncology team at Sibley Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center…we begin The Long Ride.


17 thoughts on “The Long Ride Begins

  1. It’s never been about the finish line, it’s always about the journey. Wishing you all the best Wade! Your friend, Masher

  2. Thinking and praying for you daily. Get well so we can play in the snow again!
    Tom Cuttino

  3. I’m on this ride with you dear friend and will be sending healing thoughts to you daily.
    Let’s ride “Team Otey”. Hope your feeling good today Wade. Much love and big hugs, Noreen

  4. Hey, fellow sweeper! I have never laughed like I did (Eureka, MT), or cringed like I did (Del Bonita border crossing) or ate like I did (Norse Nook) all thanks to you. You are bigger than life to all those who have commented above and those that will below this one. Allow me to ask of you one thing: I want (need) you to kick this f***ing tumor back to the muscle it came from, never to emerge again!
    Anything, anytime…

  5. Damn, Wade! Just remember that this ride is fully supported — with good thoughts, good friends, good fortune, smooth pavement, shallow grades, and tailwinds. Hope that BOB trailer is filled with everything you need for this journey, and then some. Hang in there and keep up the good fight. We’re all riding with you. Feel free to pull in and draft for a while when you feel the need..

  6. Wade, like it or not, you are in our prayers. We will be rooting for you all along this ride and hope you can come visit us in Oceanside when you are well again. xo
    maureen and chuck

  7. Wade,
    You were always the best that everything & extremely focused on succeeding/ winning! Now is the time to win this race. I ‘m thinking of Pat Riley ‘s book The Winner Within !
    All the best for a successful finish my prayers are with you if you need to scream please don’t hesitate to call
    Best regards

  8. Wade, It took me several minutes to decipher that diagnosis. Large condition for a larger than life person. Our thoughts are with you. If anyone is capable of fighting this I know you are. As someone once said, “Laughter is the best medicine”.
    Phil Maas

  9. You have a lot of people in your corner. Even if you don’t ask us to be there, we are. While you fight, I’ll be beside you thinking of the long climbs, beautiful scenery and post ride soaks together. Oh, and you leading cheers bc “This is what Democracy looks like!”

  10. Wade I know you are a fighter and will tackle every hurdle as if they are an opposing rugby player. You know where the try line is so keep going until you reach it.

    1. Wade,

      Time to Haul Ass Again on this New Ride. . I recall you passing us in Canada as we took a breather. You screamed “Winning” as you rode by. I want to hear that chant again.

      I am with you, as I know GPN unit will be. Fight!


  11. Put me on the support team for this ride, my friend. I will laugh and cry with you. That’s a promise.

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