The Big Push-Off

When an Adventure Cycling tour begins, the first item on the list for participants and leaders is the 4:00 PM meeting. This occurs at the location the tour will use as, and call, “the trailhead”. Usually it is a campground or inexpensive motel that the tour leaders have made reservations for all the participants to spend the first of 2 nights. We start with introductions and 30,000 foot view of the journey ahead. On the day after the orientation meeting, a “shakedown” ride is set up to make sure of a few important items:

  • All the participants actually know how to ride a bicycle
  • The equipment they have brought with them will be of a nature that will sustain their efforts to complete the tour without serious breakdowns
  • Any last minute repairs/adjustments can be made, small gear items left at home can be purchased, etc….and finally…
  • They have the ability to gather their gear, pack their bike, and “push off”

Yesterday, our tour leaders, Dr. B., Marisa, the Oncology LPN, Sue, the Palliative Care LPN,, held the orientation meeting at the Medical Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital, in a room they had reserved for us, the participants. This is in NO Way a cheap motel of campground, but a beautifully designed healthcare provider environment. They introduced themselves, and as they met the participants of this new tour; The Long Ride, the analogy of the beginning of a ACA Tour came to mind. We went round the room with our introductions, “Hi, I’m Wade, Cancer Man on this Tour”, then Peggy, “we’ve been married 38 years”, my daughter Leigh, son-in-law Chris, and this is our niece, Gini. Just like an ACA orientation meeting, smiles and greetings all round. The tears however, were just around the corner.

Today, Peggy & I have our shakedown ride, we will attend a Chemotherapy Teaching Session. Not sure what this entails, but we think it will discuss the pluses and minuses of having poison injected into your body. The pluses are obvious, the poison may kill. and/or at least, severely wound the sarcoma growing at “a highly mitotic” rate in your body. The minuses are…well, it’s poison, so…there. One way they make this a “low mileage day” type of treatment is by inserting an infusion port, similar to a Central Venous Catheter. It will be the gateway by which said ‘poison’ is given. It will allow them to avoid ‘sticking’ me all over, searching for a vein. And it will give the access to a large vein hear the heart for the swift application of said ‘poison’.

Wednesday we will commit to The Long Ride with the first of a series of additional tests and scans. An echocardiogram is Wednesday, then on Thursday, a PET scan. I’m hoping I can bring Leigh & Chris’ sweet Labrador Retrievers, Tipsy & Jackson, but I don’t think real pets are invited.

I need to get going to make the shakedown ride start point, I’ll be sure to have more to say this weekend after Peggy & I have made The Big Push-Off.

16 thoughts on “The Big Push-Off

  1. Wade, I just talked to Kirk and asked him to remind you that you are one of my heroes. I Never saw such a large rider go so fast up the hill on the BRP from Price Lake to Sandy Flats. You still hold the time record for that assent, and I know some pretty strong riders. Pax.

  2. HeY GrAndPa- Are there treats at this PET Scan???? If so count us in. We are also fairly confident we know how to kiss cancer away, so let us know when you want us to get started.

    Jackson & Tipsy

  3. Foreman Blue would be happy to know we are carrying on our pre push-off traditions. Woof!

  4. I look at the picture that you have chosen and remember Mike telling me that every time you came across a downhill sign, you shrieked and took it at full speed. This is how I picture you taking on the challenge of this #$%^&* cancer – full speed, on that downhill, and winning in the end. As in other notes, lots of folks wearing the Team Otey colors and rooting for the big win. Take care of that most important team member to whom you’ve been married for 38? years – she’s the one that counts, yeah? Love you, Wade!

  5. Once a PigDog, always a PigDog. It’s all you need. Thanks for the update but I’m still going to bug you by phone. Do you get to pick your poison? I’ll be using Red wine for this journey. On your left!!!

  6. Man I can just imagine those highly mitotic cancer cells cowering as you get scanned and prepped. Remember, while chemotherapy may get your attention, it’ll kick cancer in the teeth! You and Peggy have an extraordinary relationship, support from what looks like amazing community, and with your contrary and competitive disposition….well, the tumor picked the wrong guy for mess with.

    1. Hi Wade
      I’m reading your writings on the Amtrak headed out to Silver City. Even though I don’t talk enough for anyone to carry on a decent conversation, I’m sure you would much rather be along with me. You are probably in getting tests completed right now.
      I will stay in touch through your writings and will be expecting the best of results for you in treatment and recovery. Thank you for including me in this group. I hope that my thoughts can make a healing contribution to you.

  7. You sound like you are ready to fight and that’s the best way to start this journey. It sounds like you are at the right place and have the right team for this challenge. My love and support is with you every day and will be by your side when ready. I will try to sneak Tipsy and Jackson into your hospital stays. Maybe just Jackson. I think Tipsy might bark at every, which will make sneaking hard.
    ❤️ Suzanne

  8. You have all the required gear, the peloton are all wearing your colors, so let’s go lose those panniers. All the climbs, no matter the gradient, have descents, even for former Pig-Dogs.

  9. Hi Wade. Sitting hear reading your post.

    Chris gave us a good summary of where things are right now and that an attack plan will be put together

    Suz and I are with you all the way. We will do whatever we can to make this journey a good one

  10. Hi Wade. Sitting hear reading your post.

    Chris gave us a good summary of where things are right now and that an attack plan will be put together

    Suz and I are with you all the way. We will do whatever we can to make this journey a good one

  11. I’m cheering for you all as you start this journey but tears are making my view blurry. I love your attitude Wade. But love you more🥰

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