A mixed bag from the CT Scan

It was a mixed bag of news from the CT w/Contrast Scan. There was both growth and shrinkage. The growth occurred in the lung nodules. One of them shrank, I’m thinking that the reduced mass on this one was from so much tissue they ripped out for the biopsy, it hasn’t had time to get pissed off. Thinking it will get pissed off, and come roaring back to a much larger tumor is probably a good bet. I’ll call Vegas and ask them if there is a spot on their big betting board for pissed off tumors. The other one almost doubled in size, like it was the offended one sticking up for its neighbor.  Both these spots were where the original sarcoma had metastasized. As you have guessed by now…this isn’t the good part of the news.

The good part of the news is that shrinkage occurred where I needed it most, on the large sarcoma tumor growing on the outer muscle layers of my bladder. Keep in mind, I’ve said before, I do not have bladder cancer. It just happens to be where this sarcoma attached itself, not unlike a sea anemone, which makes me wonder…is Nemo swimming around in my belly, hiding in this sarcoma? (Not funny?…I agree, but this is not a fun blog post to write, so…WTF?)

With the shrinkage of the Daddy Sarcoma we can take a more aggressive approach to the chemo drugs being deployed. This will require a more committed approach to the whole chemotherapy discipline.  Monday, July 8, I will be admitted to the hospital and receive chemo treatment in an In-Patient setting over 5 days. These are powerful poisons, so my reaction to them will be watched carefully, and honestly…it’s all about pee. Yes, my ability to pee the more potent chemo compounds from my system is at the heart of this therapy. Like the song says…”I’m all about that pee, ‘bout that pee. No Tumors…I’m all about that pee, ‘bout that pee.”

Up to now, the ability to rid my body of those stronger compounds was why we had to take a more conservative start. Those more conservative drugs did what we hoped, not as much as we hoped, but now we are close to the try line and the the Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Tumor Board conference at Johns Hopkins are helping me push this rugby ball sized tumor over the line to die the death of all tumors. Then, we will bring the ball straight out for the try conversion attempt, and I will need help with someone kicking this for me. As always, Patrick’s voice is in my head,…”Forwards don’t KICK!”

6 thoughts on “A mixed bag from the CT Scan

  1. Well, hope they can work their Chemo magic . We love you and pray for you every day😘

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  2. Wade, you are now in the clutches of the hospital. We are all waiting to hear your take on what is going on there. Thanks for the updates.

  3. We are Team Wade. We may not know how to play rugby, even though you have tried like hell to teach Joseph, but we are your wing men during this adventure. We will be the water boys or girls, to bring the water, so you can pee.
    We are with you next week.

  4. Keep the humor going Wade, and the pee! Thinking of you and the family over the 4th and sending love.

  5. Wade….inspiring….I hope you find some downtime over the 4th. Typing from my house on Wandering Way, a short bike ride from that plantation you used to have down the road a bit. My best to you and Peggy!

  6. So who does get to kick? Because I’d be happy to be the kicker for this sucker!! Glad to hear the good news, hoping that the bad news is about to get its own bad news in the form of chemo. Rooting for Team Wade and the ability to pee often and well!! We’re on your team, Wade, and willing to play whatever position is called for. Love, love, love!!

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