It’s been awhile…

Yes, the last posting was a bit dark. The timing could have been better. It was written on the early parts of the first rest week after my first serious chemo, the MAI, the medical Latin term: Armageddon.  Whether it was there all the time, a result of “chemo-brain”, whatever, the depression that followed that treatment was profound. Having enjoyed physical stamina that got me thru many years of playing the greatest game ever devised by humankind, rugby football, then cycling starting in my 50’s and the stamina to finish the rides I have finished…it was losing my breath walking up 6 stairs (6 STAIRS, not 6 flights), that put my spirit in the toilet, along with my…’bout that pee, it’s ALL about that pee, ’bout that pee”. That dark hole was where that last half of that last post came from. The Pontypool Front Row part of the post was written in my head the day they rolled that pump stand into the room.

The 2nd rest week was great, I felt like a new human, and I agreed with Peggy that I should not write when the tide of my own humanity was all the way out.

We start today with a full CT Scan w/Contrast of the abdomen, neck to thigh. We meet with Dr. B and Marissa on Monday to get the results. This is huge, it will, hopefully, show that the poison they are so vigorously pumping thru me is having a positive effect. I’m pulling for a YES!

So we are going to forget about the whole process and enjoy our upcoming visitors. Peggy’s Mom, Mame, (actually, it’s Joy) and her sisters, Pam, Polly & Lil’ Joy are coming up to visit today through Monday. Dr. Evil and his lovely wife, Lynne Pendleton, are flying in Thursday for a long weekend. We will be serving THE WORLD’S GREATEST COFFEE, lovingly provided by Allison Seger, the ACA Tour Leader from when myself, Dr. Evil, Hugh & Ann K,, Denise L. , Jim H., & all our other compatriot’s that rode the Northern Tier with us. And we will be using that coffee to wash down a great deal of pie, I’m sure.

Holler at you next week, Love You All.

Peggy & Wade

8 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

  1. I am so happy to hear the upbeat tone in your voice. Sounds good. Enjoy your friends and family and know I am there with you in spirit. Although I wish I was there in person!
    Love. Paula

  2. Enjoy all that womanly love!!
    Have you seen any good birds lately 🤣. 🥰lots of love to all of you!

  3. Happy to hear that your weekend will be filled with good friends, family and coffee. Thinking of you.

    Joanne and Jim

  4. The writing sounded good. I hope you are feeling better. Looks like a full weekend of Patten love. Enjoy and let them spoil you. Our prayers are with you Monday. Lots of love, Suzanne

  5. Praying for good news next week. Enjoy all your company. Family and friends are always good medicine. Love you guys! Maureen and Chuck

  6. Refreshing update. My love to Peggy! Did she know Julie Wingert? Her Mom passed this past week. Wade…my hero!

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