A quick update…this is a roller coaster worthy of a 1st class amusement park

Meeting with our Oncology team today gives us what all of us look for, either creating it through your own efforts, or coming upon it when you sense despair. They gave us hope.

The CT from Friday was a mixed bag, the centerline tumor shrank, the lungs are all clear of any nodules or tumors. The negative side is still the “say hello to my little friend” tumor pooching out of my right side, it grew and they think it is of an aggressive nature. That little sonofabitch doesn’t know yet, but there is a metaphorical target painted on its back…or front, metaphors are quite flexible!

The tumor board is meeting tonight with my case file on the docket, but with my CT report Dr. B has been consulting with the director of the department and they both feel with my lungs being clear, and my general health being strong, (ignoring the cancer) they are thinking with surgery, radiation, or both, they might take that one off the battlefield.

We should have a plan for moving forward by the end of the week, if surgery is scheduled, it will be at Hopkins in Baltimore, radiation would be at Sibley.

We are still hanging, and I know readers of this blog are probably thinking, “what the hell is going on?”, but that is the nature of cancer, and blogging for that matter.

11 thoughts on “A quick update…this is a roller coaster worthy of a 1st class amusement park

  1. Wade, thinking about you and Peggy. You’re incredible and certainly up to the challenge of beating that little guy. Your humor and old rugby mentality will see you through anything. Keep up the great fight.

  2. You are strong like a bull! Get that sucker out of there. Keeping you in my thoughts…thanks for sharing.

  3. Sending lots of hope and prayer from your Catholic friend in Carlsbad
    Much love,
    Maureen and Chuck

  4. Thinking of you Wade! We appreciate your updates! Your honesty, strength, and heart is inspiring! I hope that your little friend quickly becomes “Say goodbye to my little friend”.

  5. Wonderful news!! We re here and can be there for you guys!
    Big Love and hugs, Noreen, PG & Jules

  6. I’ll remain optimistic as long as you continue to see the humor! That little guy might not know you once played Rugby and have the support of a tenacious scrum (Did I get that right? I only know a bit about that sport!). Love ya, big guy! Take no prisoners!

  7. Yeah. Good to hear some good news. Waiting to find the date and we’ll be there to support Peggy and you. You sound so much better on this blog. 💗😊

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