Horse Change…in midstream, of course.

Sometimes old adages don’t make the sense they do when they are first adopted by the human condition, it’s the philosophy of the old adage, (heeheehee) ‘to every rule there lay a perfectly logical exception.’

We are changing horses in midstream. After review by the interdisciplinary tumor board in Hopkins – Baltimore, we are switching to a dual approach of controlling “my little friend”. Surgery is off the table, the tumor is far too ingrained in the neighborhood to be cut out. Too many organs are attached, the tumor has its own vascular structure, infrastructure if you will, highways bringing arterial and taking venous blood to & from “my little friend”.

While I cannot go back to the MAI chemo regimen, Dr. B. is confident that with my kidney, heart, and liver function all normal, my overall strength being good, there is no reason not to get aggressive with my treatment. The schedule is complicated, chemo will be outpatient, 1 hour, once per day for 5 days, 2 weeks off, then again, 1 hour, once per day for 5 days, 2 weeks off. Concurrently,  the radiation part of this blitzkrieg will be on a schedule of once per day, every day, Monday – Friday for 5-6 weeks. Proton beam radiation will try and control the vigorous growth and kill back tumor tissue at each of the large tumors in my abdomen while simultaneously, on the schedule above, the chemo drug ifosfamide will be given to make sure that whatever rogue cancer cells that may be floating in my bloodstream cannot regain their purchase in my lungs, or brain. Whether I have Proton Beam or IMRT radiation has not been set in stone yet, I go tomorrow for the intricate mapping of the tumors to create a complex 3-D model for the computer to use in the administration of the radiation.

These past weeks have been difficult to deal with, having the kids here over the holidays was fantastic, soon after that we hit a slack tide. In the last weeks, a man I greatly admired passed away, Wally Werner was my teacher at Tour Leader training with Adventure Cycling, I also toured Texas with him. While I can’t say we were close, I know he was reading this blog and was pulling for me to saddle up again. His sudden death hit me hard, and I take solace in the man’s character conveyed in his obit:

There hasn’t been a dragon to go out and slay, no goal to work towards, no rugby games to prepare for, no bicycle tours to train for. Peggy has thrown a “Honey Do” list at me to keep me busy & challenged…but now that we have plotted a new course with Dr. B, the emotional panniers are packed, the chin is into the wind, and we’re ready to push off on this newly plotted course of The Long Ride.

I wish my friend Wally Werner were here to ride next to me, you would like him.

13 thoughts on “Horse Change…in midstream, of course.

  1. Wade, you and Peggy are amazing. Your old rugby grit is in full scum against your “little friend”. Keep up the good fight and positive attitude. Thinking of you guys often and wishing you all good things.

  2. Thinking of you, Wade. You definitely could write one hell of a book. May you keep up the fight and continue to be an inspiration for all of us.

  3. Wally was indeed quite the Man…as are you sir. Great to catch up yesterday. Thank you for your courage & message!

  4. Wade, I know that sight of you setting your chin into the wind. I know of no one better suited to a difficult climb than you. So far as I know, you still have the record for climbing Cone Hill up to Sandy Flats. Good luck. Jim

  5. The first thing I thought of when I read about Wally was you…and Wally Stew. Absolutely the worst meal we had on the entire Northern Tier😝.

      1. I no longer remember any bad meals, or headwinds, or hills. I only remember the good stuff, like when Corvin was texting for directions, and Wade responded with “We’re over here, by the Juanitas!”

    1. Oh man, was that awful or what? Funny how everyone politely said,”Um, that tastes…..interesting” then quickly left for fast food back toward town.

  6. Dear Wade, I’m so glad to have finally made the list of recipients of your blog. I hate what you and Peggy are going through, but I know how tough you both are. Sorry to hear about your friend, Wally. I’m on my office computer so it blocked me reading the obit, but I’ll read it on the safety of my little Apple at home tonight! One thing I’ve thought about in reading your blog is that whoever (or is that “whomever”??) your English teachers were along the way, they did a mighty good job. Your writing skills are awesome, and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of reading your words like a good book. looking forward to the happy ending, for sure! Thanks again for sharing. Hang in there good friend. Much love to you both, Sarah

  7. Damn! Wally was younger than us. Sounds like he was a good man. You keep good company. What’s my exception?

    Patrick George, Proprietor & Benevolent Dictator

  8. I’m betting on this new horse as well to win, place and show that little friend of yours who is really in charge. Been thinking of you two so much and as always sending love your way.

  9. I did like him. And you two share a lot of the same ilk. It was SO GREAT to see you and Peggy this weekend. I’m betting on your new horse! I hope we can get together again soon. Let’s hope there’s a dragon to slay in November!

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