We’ll take the good news as we can…

When this blog started the purpose was to keep anyone, that would be interested, up to date on my Long Ride. Fighting cancer is an all-out war, some battles you lose, some you win, and some battles you wonder. If you’ve noticed, is has changed to a series of short stories in which I try to be, both informative about cancer and, funny. It also, I realize for myself, turned into a multi installment love letter to my wife. In an earlier blog post I wrote about her, how we met, and how damn lucky I was to have done so. This December we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, well, let’s hope we do!

Before that happens, we have a much bigger event coming up. In October, our daughter, Leigh, and her husband Chris, are giving us the gift of gifts. A grandchild. A grandson to be exact and they have honored us by naming him…Wade. Tears well up just typing that, the day they broke it to us, Father’s Day, I boo-hoo’ed.

But back to the original purpose of my blog, up to date dispatches from the front lines against Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Metastasized.

From the darkest place my psyche has ever been,

  • a terminal (no cure & lethal) cancer
  • a Covid-19 shutdown
  • the horrific death of George Floyd (among others)
  • the resulting, quite understandable, public revulsion

We came to a place of nervous waiting. The CT scan was this past Friday, we telemed conferenced with Dr. B yesterday. The news was pretty good. We are counting it as a definite win. The two abdominal tumors both shrank, partly from the Proton Beam Radiation treatment, and partly from the application of the ‘at home’ chemo pill, Votrient.

The center mass on the exterior of the bladder measured 4.9 x 7.5 cm, it was previously 4.8 x 8.7 cm. The mass on the right side, “Say Hello to My Little Friend” measured 7.6 x 7.5 cm, previously 9.6 x 10.4 cm. That second one is significant.

There was the word, “however” in the discussion. Not a major development, but the node in my lower lung lobe grew 4mm, from 6mm to 1.0cm diameter.

The price paid for this scan result was steep. There were dark days in the last two months, the effect on Peggy by the Covid pandemic and how it affects her beloved Browne Academy, the effect on me by the Covid pandemic, the toxicity of the Votrient, coupled with poor sleeping led to one of the most difficult times we’ve been through. My appetite was terrible, Peggy pushed food at me every meal only to have it pushed back, and the depression was deep. It was great to hear that the work had paid off. With adjustments to medications, a week at Lake Anna, and the love & support of our family we are on the way back to some semblance of normalcy.

Just in time for Peggy to reopen her school and take on those pressures on top of what I pile on her incredibly broad shoulders. She is an amazing woman, I do love her so. She pedals so hard on the Long Ride, I am so proud.



13 thoughts on “We’ll take the good news as we can…

  1. Hey old friend. Hearing your voice and laughter put a small bandaid on my broken heart. Our conversation and bull shitting were like old times but bitter sweet after your story. Your news unfortunately was relatable after Glennis’ long ride with ovarian cancer. Your situation sent me back to a what the fuck, why him/her, this isn’t fair, pissed off in general mood of late. Our history goes back to the beginning of our lives being rolled through a small neighborhood by our mothers and continues on through some of my finest adventures. I have regaled many of the adventures we shared , always with a large smile. Your blog has given me a stronger clarity of your ride and I remain optimistic that we have more adventures ahead. I’ll let you know when we have a Glennis Day gathering. Might even have to make you drink a beer with me. Endeavour to persevere. Love to Peggy, keep some for your ” big headed” self. Mike

  2. Wade, Just read your blog and early congratulations on becoming a granddad. Being much younger, I’m not there yet, but looking forward to it. Keep battling the illness and let’s have that pig-dog reunion soon (I am ready for my induction to the elite group).
    Love you always. Your friend Sax

  3. Just received the email from Joey, and immediately read your entire Long Ride. What an epic adventure you and Peggy have endured. My heart goes out to you, Peggy and your kids as you do battle with the demon cancer with such courage and humor. I pray for God’s divine intervention to push the ball over the try line.

  4. Hello Wade,
    I remarked on this post the day you sent it but must have had a senior moment and neglected to hit send.😕. You have such a great ability to express yourself and share what your going through with us and I so look forward to seeing “The Long Ride” in my inbox.
    It makes me so happy to know your grandson will have your name. What a great gift that was for your Fathers Day surprise. Fortunately it’s a great name to carry on as is the grandfather from which it comes.
    I admire your very hard peddling wife and the strength you offer to each other. You always have been a winning team. With so much love and admiration,

  5. I love to hear that you’re feeling back on the road to normalcy. On a long ride, sometimes you just have to keep pedaling. And when you do, the joy returns. Let’s hope there are lots of opportunities for joy! You need to be sure you’re around to teach young Wade what it means to live up to his name!!! Miss you! Love to Peggy!

  6. I am also so proud of you, Wade, and Peggy as well. Your kids have also shown unbelievable contributions to your health by standing by you in so many ways. I love the name of your grandson! So cool. I can’t wait to meet him or to see you at some point in the future when you feel up to it. I’m here for you and your family as always!
    Love you.

  7. Great news all around Wade, especially the upcoming Wade 2.0! (btw, we are also expecting our first grandchild in November)

  8. I always have to sit quietly and read your posts twice or maybe 3 times. I marvel at your humor and realism. Will keep you all in my thoughts and will say a few extra prayers for your darling Peggy.

  9. Great to hear from you. With more bikers out our way I get to think of you more often. I told you when I joined your ride that I would say your name every time I saw someone riding. Now with the windows down I shout your name at them. I drive too fast to see a reaction but I feel good.
    Congratulations on the future grandson. Here’s to another Wade in the world!
    Cheers my friend,

  10. I too am so proud of Peggy & her courage. Your grandson’s name brought tears to my eyes as well. You my friend are a Rock Star…I continue to think about you and pray for you and I always look forward to these updates. My best to you sir!!! May God Bless both of you!

  11. Once again, I got the chills. I know this week at the lake will do you all a world of good. We love you and all your family. We keep you in our prayers.

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