The road is long

September 22

We all come with an expiration date, some of us get to live a full life, some get an incurable illness, some get cancer as a child, some don’t make it out of the womb.

I have been lucky, met the love of my life, lived a full life with her, had fun, got to be loved by my parents, joined the CRFC, walked in & out of tertiary care hospitals for 30 years making a honest living, quit drinking alcohol,  fell in love with cycling, rode a bicycle across the country when I wasn’t expected too, left two great humans to take our place. The Lord, if there is one, has a sense of humor, and works in mysterious ways.

Sunday night they did an MRI study of my brain, & yes…they found a brain! But they also found 3 sarcoma tumors, similar to the tumors in my abdomen. The largest is 4.5cm in diameter. It is in my cerebrum, explains the symptoms I am having, speaking difficulty, word searching, etc. Oh, well. Radiation starts soon, trying to keep me alive until 40 years have passed, our 40th anniversary is on December 27, 2020.

Dr. B. said it is good to have goals. We hope I make it.

40 years since…

November 1 update:

Although radiation worked great on the abdomen, it didn’t work so well on the brain. The tumors have continued to grow and my symptoms have increased. And now we don’t expect to make it to our anniversary.

In the midst of the sadness, we’ve also experienced the greatest joy! Our daughter Leigh and her husband Chris celebrated the birth of our first grandchild, Wade William. Named after his Granddaddy Wade. Weighing in at 10 pounds 7 ounces, and 22.5 inches long, he came out destined to be a star second row. They live closeby and we see them often.

My niece Gini is here, Tommy and Zoe arrive tonight, and in my last weeks of life I am surrounded by the people that mean the most to me, my family.

Each of you reading this blog have been more important to my existence than you know. I won’t get to tell each of you goodbye, but I think of you and enjoy the memories we’ve shared.

For now, the journey continues…

9 thoughts on “The road is long

  1. Wade,
    It was over 40 years ago that I first met you. I was new to the family, like you, and I didn’t even know what rugby was! But I could tell you loved Peggy so much and would be the perfect husband for her. And that is what you have been as well as a wonder father to both Leigh and Tommy. You have lived a life to be proud of and I feel fortunate to have had you as a brother along the way.
    As I believe, your next journey is still to come so this love letter is just until we meet again. In the meantime, I will be checking in on your grandson with pride.
    Love you always,

  2. This makes me so sad. Our parents were our first link but we truly became family. I have such fond memories of us riding bikes to an arcade somewhere in Charlotte and also going down my first super slide with you. I remember when I got us both in trouble playing in the snow at your house when we got snowed in. The fun times and John Lee’s house at the lake when we were in our early teens. So many memories!
    Take care my cousin and friend.

  3. Wade, Good Buddy,
    It is with both sadness and joy that I read your latest update. Sadness for you, Lady Peggy and all your friends and family that the end of life’s ride is nearing, but joy that our paths crossed and I was able to share a few thousand miles of northern roads with you on our bikes. Most importantly, you sharing your infectious joy for living a full life and the memories you created that will forever be a part of me. As that old song goes, it’s not about the destination, but it’s all about the ride. And you have had one hell of a great ride. And as always, Remember Keep Pedaling. Love to you, Peggy and the family. Iron Rod

  4. Wade , we have had a much shorter journey together, but we have had many wonderful times. We have watched our kids become incredible parents and will make sure that little Wade knows his grandfather well. You added such meaning to our lives and will continue forever. Love you.

  5. Wade it’s so difficult to imagine our lives without you. Who will send cards on Alexander’s birthday? Who will take photos at those momentous occasions? Who will be there to defend Patrick no matter what the heck he does or doesn’t do? Peggy will do her best but even she doesn’t let him get away with the things you have😏.
    We love you so very much and don’t want to be without you in our lives. Yet I know you will always be there because that’s the kind of guy you are and have always been. “Thank You” for all the love, kindness, fun, dedication, thoughtful gifts(love my engraved mushroom knife) visits, caring advice. and being a loving God Father to Julia and one of Shadows favorite humans right up there next to Patrick & Julia. Life just won’t be as sweet without you around . Be rest assured that we will be there for your Peggy and family as you have always been there for us. You know you can count on that. Your our hero Wade.

  6. Wade, We were so blessed to meet you through Leigh. We love you and your entire family. Glad you are surrounded by your loving family. Sending our love and prayers
    Maureen and Chuck

  7. Thank you for the update, Wade. It was a privilege to have been able to travel across the country with you. You are right; you are a very lucky person to have lived the good life you have. We are both lucky to have survived US Highway 2. If we happen to meet again it WILL NOT be on that road.
    Hasta la vista, amigo. I will think of you every time I pass through Burleson.

  8. Wade introduced me to Rugby. No other person has had more an impact on my professional life. What can I say? I’m a simple guy. Thanks Wade. Your strength and openness in the face of death soothe us all and inspire our lives today.

  9. Ahhh Wade, my friend, my brother…the news is difficult to read; to absorb; to digest; to understand. You courage is Tremendous & Honorable! I am lucky to be considered a friend. Peace to you and the family.

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