My (near) last communication

​…,…,…This is a Communication Update…,…,…

(Lots of punctuation marks so that you know it is me) 

It’s only taken an hour to type this out, (to here!) so those that know my condition know that it is only me that could type this​.​

I am listening to a great deal of music these days. Right now I’m listening to Iris DeMent sing “Let the Mystery Be”. The song is my ​anthem. ​I​t sings about loss of life, never about loss of love. That is something I’ve never run out of, love. ​Knowing I’m not out of love is something they (my family) made clear to me thru this year & many years in the past. How did I get so lucky?

Some of you don’t know me, in that, I love Rugby Football. 

It saved my life, literally. No really, it, the game, saved my life. I was knocking around the bottom of the dregs of life. Trying to decide if there was honor in living a life that was rooted in having “half a life”.

Make no mistake, I was okay. I was strategically pointed in the right direction, the “strategery” was something forced upon me (don’t you miss things that came with the innocence of youth).

But it got me motivated to do better with my life. That is what I owe rugby football, & owe it, & owe it. Two years were taken off to use them for rugby, schooling, rugby, love, rugby, etc., etc. I joined rugby in the spring​ ​of 1975, played 2 yrs for Charlotte Rugby Club, 2 yrs for ECU Rugby.

When I returned from East Carolina with a degree, ​I had ​no job prospects, & no love in my life. It  was great!! When I returned to Charlotte Rugby Club, Tom D. was taking the club​ ​to new heights, ​and ​the game had ​sped up! ​​

Oh, & I met a cute blond along the way​, Peggy. I don’t know why she chose me, but she did. Let me say here, LUCKY ME!!! (I didn’t tell her everything, 😉 but I have now) That was the most fun I ever had. Falling in LOVE. I hope you have felt it, knowing you will wake up and someone ​forgives you your sins.

17 thoughts on “My (near) last communication

  1. Wade, I was extremely sad to hear about your condition from Phil Maas and some others. Reading the many blog comments should help you to know how loved and appreciated you are and will always be. I am sure you realize that many people out here are praying for you.
    Jerry Bradley

  2. Wade you are in my prayers, we may have disagreed over the years but I have always respected your opinion and your stamina. It has been my good fortune to have met you and I know that in the next life you will be further rewarded for your courage and fortitude.
    Your brother,
    Tom Hansen

  3. Hello old friend. I think about you often these dayz. I picture you in different places on our journeys. Your big ol’ head is tilted back and you are bellowing a fine laugh. My memories are many and some of my very favorites. Time and life intervened for many years but I want to thank you for being one of my truest friends and conspirators. You have been a lucky man in life as have I. Who would have thunk it. Your journey will continue on a new path. If you happen to run across a pretty little English lass, please give her a kiss. I love you man.

  4. Amazing….magical… thinking about all of you and how lucky Wade is to be surrounded by such a wonderful caring loving family… such is the Journey of Life …the ups and downs… I wish we were all closer so we could be of some help… our hearts are broken… we are thinking of you Gini and of course Peggy..💔 and the whole family…All our LOVE..Ann and Larry

  5. Wade, the memory of our trip to Montreal on bikes is a highlight of mine. I wish a peaceful transition for you my friend. You are a blessed man, thanks for the memories.

  6. You are so well loved, big guy! You’ve made a difference in so many lives, are still making that difference, and will continue to do so for generations to come. To love and be loved like that is quite the legacy! I am as fortunate to have shared some truly EPIC, awe-inspiring lifetime experiences with you. Your passion for loving life and others inspires me. I will take you with me in my heart on each and every bike ride moving forward. Thank you, too, for sharing the match with me. I’m so happy you got to see that your vote counted and there will be better days ahead. When I close my eyes, I can hear you chanting. Now and forever.

  7. Wade, you are like a second Dad to me. The people I decide to be in my life now are examples of love you’ve helped set for me. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Thank you for being my parent’s best friend. Thank you for being my Godfather and really showing me how to set the bar high for how I deserve to be loved. I love you. I’m sending you a great big hug. You always share love with everyone fearlessly. You also always remembered every day that was special to someone you loved. Whether it be their birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc. You made each of those days something special. You are special and I feel so lucky to know you and love you.

  8. You are well-loved, big guy! You have made such a difference to so many people, continue to do so and your impact will be felt for generations to come. It was an honor to be able to share this epic ride of life with you! I will think of you on each and every trip in the future. I’m also proud to have marched with you and happy that your vote mattered! You will always go where I go! Tell Peggy she has to stay in touch. As a said, you are well-loved. May that give you both peace.

  9. Such a true and wonderful message from a wonderful man. You are an inspiration.
    Love, Joanne and Jim Tiffany

  10. Wade, so good to hear from you Brother! I have to check out Iris DeMent.. And your message today, perfect timing as it is my birthday. Every time I heard from you this past year has been a gift to me, and I am so thankful. I want you to know that I rode 19 miles yesterday and got in another 10 today. I continue to think about you and this beautiful love story between you and Peggy. The wedding photo shared in the last update was Spectacular……especially Peggy’s smile (and yours btw). Remain strong my friend. I love you! With You!

  11. Wade, great to hear things that were so wrong were made so right by something or somebody you loved. In this case Rugby and Peggy. And great just to hear from you. Your writing seems as sharp as ever even though it is taking quite a bit of strength to do. Keep it up because I enjoy hearing from you!
    My love continues to go out to you and your family.

  12. Going to miss you so Wade. You have been such a treasure in our lives. What wonderful memories and fun times with you, Peggy and your loving family. Some of those times have been sad but we were always there for each other and we will continue to be there for your Peggy. Knowing how much you love mysteries may this one be a very special one for you. Your a great man and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of your life. Thank You for sharing with all of us what you have experienced in this journey. Sending loads of love and peace your way. In tears, Noreen

  13. Wade, you’re a giant of a man and I’m a better person having been able to share the road with you, if only for a little epic ride through the Canadian Ice fields and across the northern US. Remember it is not about the destination, but all about the ride! And you my friend have enjoyed a great ride. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself and your journey. With Love and Fond Memories, Iron Rod

  14. My eternal love to you, big guy! I am proud to have shared a few memorable moments on this epic ride of life with you. You made a difference in all who knew you! Still do. And always will! May there be peace in that!

  15. Wade, You are lucky and Peggy is lucky, too! You guys are a great pair. We love you
    Maureen and Chuck

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